A Child’s Persistance

Burdened with thought, Omar went with his children Mahmoud and Qamar to secure seats for them in schools in Jordan to be able to continue their education, taking with him his five-year-old daughter Nour. Thankfully, he was able to get the approval from the Ministry of Education and completed the registration in the allocated schools. However, on their way home, Nour was running around in the street refusing to go home, her reason being is that her father didn’t fulfill his promise that he made back in Syria of enrolling her in a kindergarten. Omar tried to convince her to go home with sweets and some money, but she insisted and wouldn’t budge. He sat on the side of road, thinking how he can find a way out of this, for the kindergarten fees are high and he won’t be able to afford it. Despite that he decided to go to the nearest kindergarten and explained to them his situation and how he is unable to fulfill his promise to his daughter. The principle told Omar that he can leave Nour with them for now and that she will call him later in the day. Sure enough, she called and informed Omar that someone had offered to pay for Nour’s tuition. Omar’s happiness couldn’t be contained; he was able to follow through on his promise, and his daughter proved to be very bright.

-Um Adeeb



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