The Mirror of Reality

It is to some degree common knowledge that children are unable to hide what is going through their minds; for whatever they are feeling is reflected in their behavior and on their facial expressions. They are pure by nature, and we can draw on their feelings from their actions. In addition to that, children are like white blank pages, pages that can be filled with whatever they are exposed to. However, what is written on these pages is hard to erase.

Fate had its share of writing on the blank pages of Syrian children; this is evident by the way their behavior and thinking has changed. These children who used to play peacefully with dolls, balls, and jump ropes are now carrying sticks pretending they are guns and pointing them at each other. Some throw rocks at each other pretending they are hand grenades, other chase their friends down to ‘arrest’ them. This is the reflection of what these children will grow up to become, it is like a mirror projecting their future. It projects they violence that they will face, and the psychological strain that will be carried along with them. These children need a great amount of care to mend their damaged souls and to paint a brighter image for their future..




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