Another Kind of Refugee

I was very confused while pondering the story of a Syrian family that fled to Jordan after their town was bombed and many houses were burned, including theirs. And when we think of burnt houses we immediately think about the possessions and souls that are lost in the fire, for we can be certain that the fire destroyed all that the family owned, and they only got away with the clothes on their backs. They left feeling exhausted and terrified, for they have lost all sense of security, shelter, and peace. What confused me isn’t the possessions that they lost, but what did is the one thing that they felt compelled to carry with them to Jordan. They brought with them their pigeons! How could they think about their pigeons at a time like this?!

Is it because they had nothing else left? Or because they felt that the pigeons needed to feel safe as well? The most probable answer is that they were trying to carry peace along with them; they can hear its cooing and remember the peace they felt back home. All these possibilities in my mind could be true, but what I couldn’t shake off is the fact that these birds, that are a symbol of freedom and peace, are now refugees as well. Freedom has become a refugee, peace has become a refugee. However, at least they do not have to register with organizations in order to receive monthly cash assistance or food vouchers…

-Najah A.



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