We Will not Give In

During a recent visit to Za’atri camp, the Voice team met with a group of women living in the old part of the camp. The discussion turned to electricity, as they had set up their electricity (like many others in this part of the camp) by extending lines from street lights and into their tents. The high pressure on electric lines and high expenses incurred due to illegal electricity use has prompted some electricity cuts in the camp. This angers many as they depend on it for lighting, electric stoves, and fans to quell the summer heat. One woman in the group expressed dissatisfaction at the expanding market area in the camp; saying that they are using a lot of the electricity and causing congestion, as well as creating a divide in the camp between people who are able to afford extra goods, and others who are not. She said that it’s better if the markets are closed, and people not allowed to set-up new shops. This created a debate between the women as others stressed the importance of the market; not only does it provide some form of livelihood for many, but it gives them a source for buying vegetables, cleaning materials, and things that aid agencies are not able to provide. The debate ended without reaching a conclusion, it is normal not to reach consensus on matters such as these. However, what is obvious is that these women are not giving in to their situation, they are eager to take control and make decisions that directly affect their lives. Voice is helping them find a way to express themselves and develop their skills in order to improve their situation.

Za'atri Shop


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