Fear in the Midst of Safety

A family, like thousands of other Syrian families who had to flee the merciless war in their country, and the fear which transforms a person’s life into a living hell, came to Jordan and took refuge in the northern Jordanian city of Mafraq. The city that is described by its safety, the safety that you do not value until you lose.  But this feeling of safety did not last long, for one night they could hear slogans being shouted in the streets; the voices of Jordanians growing restless by the increase in prices and rents caused by the influx of refugees. These voices were calling for the Syrian people to return to their country. This family recounted what they experienced that night by saying: “It was a night filled with fear, and especially after the Jordanian police interfered to disperse the crowds. The sounds of the tear gas were enough to bring back the sounds of mortars and planes to our minds.” Qamar, who is seven years old, ran to her bed and hid under the covers, crying out of fear. Qamar’s father expressed his concern for his daughter  “What hurts me is that Qamar no longer runs to my lap for comfort like she did back in Syria when she was afraid. It is as if she knows that I am as sacred as she is, and that I am not even able to protect myself, so how will I protect her! And here I am, unable to stop bombs that haunt her in her dreams…”

– Hamida


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