Hopes in a Schoolbag

Majd is a woman who was betrayed by fate; she and her family came to Jordan sixteen days ago. Majd is now living the hardest days of her life; it’s a life that does not suit her or her four children. She used to view life in a different light, in her house filled with laughter and music coming through her husband’s instruments that he used to play.

Majd says: “I used to own a beauty parlor with a friend where I could practice what I am good at and what I love. But I left all that and came here (to Za’atri camp) and I never imagined that I would one day have to leave all that behind. To give up all I have in order for my family and I to live. I brought with me all the equipment that I used in the beauty parlor, I couldn’t leave them behind; my soul is attached to them. I even carried them in my children’s’ school bags. I also brought them with me in the hopes that I can start over and open a new beauty parlor to be able to make some money and support my family until my husband can secure a job.”

“The materials I have are weak, however, so I started being creative. I use empty juice boxes and bottle labels to make the tools for drawing ‘Henna’. I have gained some customers here but they are not enough; we are in a camp after all and people do not think about these things. ‘We are in Za’atri, so what’s the point?!” I love what I do and I will keep doing it with what I have left.”

“I used to have a home and a country and a normal life, but now all I am left with are painful memories that I try to erase. I want to forget what has happened in Syria, I want to forget the death of my father and my brother who we weren’t able to bury. I want to have new and better memories with my husband and my children, I and hope I will be able to do this; with the grace of God.”

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