The Wind that Blew out My Candle

I don’t claim that the wind I have faced was more vicious than the one that has been blowing on the Syrian people, but it was vicious enough to turn my life into a disaster and to blow out the candle; the one that I tried to light, over and over again until I ran out of matches. I have lost my husband and my brother during the Syrian crisis, and have become the only breadwinner for my five children. It was a heavier load than I could bear. So, I came with my children to Jordan, trying to protect them from the horrific events in Syria. In Jordan, I couldn’t find a place to shelter us, until an old lady took us in. The old lady lives alone and has no one to support her. She felt sorry for my children and let us stay with her until I can find another place. Once I found a shelter, I pulled what is left of my strength together in order to find a job, to feed my children and to help this poor lady who took us in. I was looking for a job that fits my abilities, and with God’s help I found a job at a carton factory. My job was very hard, I didn’t spare any effort or time, I worked all the extra hours so I can earn enough money to feed my children and the old lady. Three months had passed before I got into a bad accident at work, which caused a disfiguration to my face and broke my shoulder. My employer provided medical expenses as well as a one-month salary as an attempt to help my children. Nevertheless, what is going to happen next? I have no way out of this tragedy. I am now unable to work, and there is nothing left for me to do but pray to God for help.

– Faizeh


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