Solutions that are out of Reach

It is difficult to see a solution to your problems and yet you cannot reach them. Haitham Mohammad Mahmoud is married with six children, and he is also the sole breadwinner of the family, including his mother. Haitham was seriously injured in Syria during fighting in Homs, where a bullet was lodged in his spinal cord leading to paralysis. His friends helped secure his transport to Jordan to be able to receive the proper treatment, and upon arrival to Jordan he was taken to Irbid hospital then transferred to Duleil. There he underwent a simple operation to stop the bleeding, then he was taken to Al Salam hospital. The hospital ruled that his injury is inoperable due to the sensitive position of the bullet in his spinal cord. Haitham has nothing left but to remain paralyzed, unable to move without the help of his family, and what is worse is that now they need someone to provide for them since he cannot work. All he can give his family are his tears, watching his children play around him while unable to put smiles on their faces and relieve their pain.

– Najah N.


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