In the Presence of Pain

When fate is not on your side, and you feel alone in the midst of all you suffering, you suffer as if it is enough for the entire world. You are left alone, like a bird with broken wings, with no nest for a home, and no flock to fly with…lost and confused, filled with fear. You are in pain, and your cries are lodged in your throat; you can’t keep them in and so they burn you, and you can’t let them out because there is no one to listen. It is as if you die while you are still alive. You are a stranger to yourself, everyone around you is a stranger, and no one empathizes with a stranger. You remain in this state until God comforts you, He gives you strength to draw from to continue your journey. You fight for your being, for your humanity, not for survival but for those who are weaker than you and need your support. You scream in the face of despair because there is no room for giving in despite the pain and the suffering. Despite everything, I am here; and so your soul burns with hope. You live with hope in the presence of pain…

– Hamida


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