The Camp Beauty Queen

Ohood is a 9 year old girl who lives in Zaatari refugee camp, she is pretty, special and smart, we call her ”The Camp Beauty Queen”. She laughs, plays and runs all the way around the camp and the many tents. She can always find her way back home. Ohood is not only a little adorable girl, she is also a lady with pride; she doesn’t accept charity from anyone, even if that was a candy bar, on the contrary, she is the one who give us gum and candies! She is a girl who woke up to find herself in an empty place, a place that doesn’t look like home, doesn’t look like school, a place that doesn’t look like anything she had ever known or seen before, she woke up to find herself surrounded by nothing but tents!  When I first met her she asked me “what are you doing in the camp?” I kept repeating the word engineer for her, because she didn’t know how to spell it. Today Ohood not only can spell the word engineer, she wants to grow up to be one, and with her shiny pink helmet, she will grow up to show the world that dreams do come true, and the little girl who was once ”The Camp Beauty Queen” is now a successful female engineer who leads and makes a difference.

Ohood and Farah

– By Farah Al Basha, Oxfam Public Health Engineer



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