Farah’s Magic Wands

Our engineer on the field (Farah Al Basha), wrote us a blog describing her day in Za’atri Camp


Here we go, the day has just started and, it’s already 10:00 am, our favorite camp kids are waiting for us, we say hi and hello and the kids give us a portion of yesterday’s news and today’s reality, we give them back our portion of work schedule and we start thinking about the best way to spend the day. For some we are only engineers, who check blocks and level, who weld the broken doors and search for the hidden ones, some say we are crazy, some say we don’t need your bathrooms, others ask for special needs, and some stand behind the excavator “I’m not moving” . The contractor from one side and the refugees from the other, sometimes, I wish if I have a bundle of  magic wands, one to give everyone a caravan, one to make the food better and another one to make the blankets warmer, though,  I am a PHE (Public Health Engineer) and I have one magic wand;  to provide bathrooms and showers, to find the latrine doors and weld them, I’m a person who has always thought that the best pleasure in life is to eat when you’re hungry and to find a bathroom when you need it. Overall, working in an NGO is a crazy thing but yet we make the best of what we have, eventually magic wands do really exist. Sometimes all we need is someone to remind us…


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