A Childhood of Responsibility

I heard about a Syrian widow who came to Jordan with her daughter (whose husband was arrested) and her grandchildren. This woman left Syria after the massacre that took place in Al Huswiyyeh that left many women and children dead…Her fear for her daughter and grandchildren left her no choice but to leave. She is now living in Jordan, hosted by a Syrian family, after she was able to find someone to sponsor her to leave the camp. She is still looking for a place of their own. What is striking about this case it not what you have read so far, many refugees are going through the same pain, but what is striking is my small encounter with that woman’s grandchild. He is a child, not more than four years old, and I went and asked him to go play with the other children in the neighborhood. His reaction was something I had never expected, for he replied that he can’t leave his mother and grandmother because he is protecting them. What surprised me is this child’s sense of responsibility, and at the same time I was saddened by the loss of his childhood.



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