The Ability to Give

They say that a person’s true colors show after s/he has been through difficulties, for nothing strips a person of hypocrisy and false pretenses like going through difficulty; and this is where the truth will come out. The Syrian crisis has had a big role in showing the different ways that people react. An example is this story of a Syrian man, originally from Homs; he is married with three sons. He came into Jordan and found shelter in the town of Khaldiyyeh in Mafraq. After three months of being in Jordan, he overcame the hardships that he had been through and he decided to start visiting Za’atri camp; for he might be able to help someone despite his limited means. On one of his visits, as he was passing next to one of the tents, he heard a woman crying. He called to her and asked for permission to go into her tent and listen to her story. What he found out is that she is a mother of six, and her husband has been missing for six months; she hadn’t heard from him since then. She came to Jordan with her children and her mother in law, but her mother in law left the camp to stay with relatives; leaving this woman alone to fend for herself and her children. This man felt sorry for her and decided to take her and her children to stay with him and his family in Khaldiyyeh, until ten days later he was able to find a generous donor to help this woman. The donor rented her a house, enrolled her children in private schools, and provides her with a monthly allowance.

Here we can see the differences in human attitudes, how they range from positive to negative reactions; this man played a part in wiping away the tears of an entire family, and he was great help to them to be able to overcome their hardship.

-Najah A.


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