On the Road to Liberation

None of us can imagine the pain and suffering that Syrian refugees have been through, and what they are still going through in order to flee for their lives and protect their families from imminent danger if they should stay in Syria. It would have been impossible for some to escape if it wasn’t for God’s will and the people He put in their way to help them escape. One beautiful example is the one of Abu Khaled and what he did to save as many people as possible in his neighborhood. Abu Khaled had stayed in his home from the beginning of the conflict, until his house was bombed, but thankfully none of his family members were hurt or injured. He managed to move his family to another neighborhood and stayed behind to try and save as many people as he can. Abu Riad (one of his neighbors) had been injured severely in his legs as a result of the bombing. Abu Khaled moved him somewhere safe and took him to the hospital for treatment, but the doctors there weren’t able to do much because of the lack of equipment. But Abu Khaled’s insistence on saving his neighbor prompted him to arrange for his transfer outside Syria. He walked on his legs all the way to the Jordanian border; there weren’t any cars to take them because of the constant bombing, and there he reached a tunnel that led to Jordan. Volunteers near the tunnel took Abu Riad and loaded him onto a cement cart and through the tunnel, keeping their heads low all the way. Abu Khaled stayed back in Syria so he can find his family and make sure that they are doing well. It took him two months, moving from one place to another trying to find them but to no avail. Not knowing if they are alive or not he decided to leave and go to Jordan, carrying with him his pain at not knowing the fate of his family. After a month of seeking refuge in Jordan, fate reunited him with his family in the refugee camp. This brought him immense satisfaction after a long time of separation and anxiety. All he hoped for now is the safe return to their country and for the suffering of all Syrian refugees to end.



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