Jordanian Hospitality

The reaction that most Jordanians have towards their Syrian brothers and sisters cannot be described with anything but honorable. Syrians themselves are witness to this and there are two stories in particular that are worth mentioning; they demonstrate what Jordanians have done to try and ease the hardships faced by their Syrian brothers and sisters.

The first story is of a Syrian woman who comes from the city of Ladkiyyeh, a city famous for its fresh air. The woman came to Za’atri camp in Jordan and, like others, received a tent and blankets to keep her warm, as well as basics to satisfy her needs in these rough circumstances. However, what this woman did not expect is to develop health conditions due to her sudden move from a coastal town to a desert area. She started going to the hospital to receive treatment in the city of Mafraq, and while she was there she met a Jordanian woman who introduced herself to her. After hearing her story, the Jordanian woman had no choice but to offer her shelter in an extra room that they have in their family home. The Syrian woman gratefully agreed to this generous offer and takes every opportunity to talk about the kindness offered to her by this Jordanian family.

Another similar story is of a Jordanian family that has offered a house to a Syrian family without asking for anything in return. It didn’t stop there, for the family announced one Friday after prayers that they are in need of donations for the Syrian family that they are hosting. People in the neighborhood responded right away with what they can offer, and provided furniture for the house and made sure that the family is in need of nothing more. The members of the family say that they feel like they are at home; surrounded by the kindness of these people.

-Najah A.


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