Morning Coffee

My mother is a 65 year-old woman, and in conversation she said to me: “since the day I came into Jordan I didn’t feel like I’m in a foreign place. At the border, the Jordanian army welcomed us warmly which helped me forget my fears and feel safe. And when I got to the camp I slept soundly and deeply after a long period of lack of sleep. After that a Jordanian man took it upon himself to pay for my warranty and he humbled me with his kindness. When we rented a house in Mafraq my neighbors were just like the neighbors I had back home; they were all kind and generous. The day in which I don’t pass by their house they come to me and check if I need anything. And how sweet is the coffee that they bring every morning for us to drink together. I always keep them in my prayers and may God protect them always.”



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