A Strange Encounter

With Za’atri camp expanding and stretching out due to the large numbers of new arrivals of refugees, traveling from one area to another could take up to an hour, if not more. The existence of the main distribution center close to the entrance makes it impossible for people at the far end of the camp to avoid making the daily trip. Refugees have resorted to hitching rides on the back of cars and trucks where they can hold on and then jump off where they want to.

We heard a story of one particular ride on the back of a water truck,where two men separately jumped on the truck for the ride. After a few minutes they realized that they knew each other from Syria, they were cousins and hadn’t seen each other in a long time! Neither of them knew that the other was in the camp, and the hard times that they went through changed their weight and appearances.

You never know how or when you can run into someone you have lost contact with, and in the case of Syrian refugees the war has separated many families from each other.

General Camp View


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