We are Waiting

Every night, these four children and their mother await the return of their father who has left early in the morning. He went searching for some food and something to warm their dark and cold nights, but as hard as he searches for work and as many organizations he goes to that distribute food or heaters or blankets, he returns empty handed and disappointed. He usually comes back with nothing much to speak of, or anything to cheer his children up to quench their thirst to finding something in their father’s hands. What this man goes through during his day is not made any easier as he has diabetes, a disease that has been affecting him since he came into Jordan. What adds to his troubles are his feelings of losing his dignity and having to ask for help strips him of his humanity; feelings that almost cost him his life. One day when he was leaving an aid organization, blinded with despair filled with sadness and injustice. He was deep into thought about his children, about how he is going to feed their cold trembling bodies. A passing vehicle hit him as he was walking, causing a broken arm and many bruises on his body. The treatment he got for his arm will mend his bones, but what can mend his soul?



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