Pudding Instead of Milk


Mohammad is 5 months old, he was born in Jordan after his parents fled from Aleppo in January of 2012.

We talked to his mother, Afyat.

Afyat lives with her small family in Amman. On January 26th of 2012 they decided to flee their home town of Aleppo due to the scarcity of bread and the repeated cuts in electricity. “Sometimes we had to wait two days to be able to secure some bread”. Afyat is 24 years old. She is now pregnant again and estimates that she is three months into her pregnancy. He husband and his parents are with her in Amman, yet she hadn’t heard from her family back in Aleppo for three months.

With her son, Mohammad, Afyat received pre-natal care and gave birth in the Italian Hospital in Amman, but now with her second pregnancy they told her that the program securing her free health care has been stopped. She is planning to go visit them again as she was told that the project will restart with the new year. However, her inability to breastfeed Mohammad and their limited resources means that instead of formula she has to feed him pudding. Moreover, she rarely receives diapers and is resorting to using cloth instead; the main problem being the lack of information she has on how to secure them.

Afyat and her family are originally Kurdish, a minority that has long inhabited the Middle East and maintains its language and culture to this day.


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