“We are Angry and Scared”

The Refugees’ Psychological State

As part of this week’s session (Nov. 29th) on coping mechanisms and dealing with stress and pressure, we asked the refugees about their psychological state. The general consensus was on feelings of anger and frustration; these are directly related to their needs not being fulfilled. They stand in long lines and often receive less than they expect or less than the minimum that they need. When they have a specific request they are sent from one office to another until they give up; bureaucracy or perhaps the lack of coordination in the camp leaves them feeling helpless and angry. “We feel like children going to sit for an exam”; they are nervous and don’t know what it is coming their way especially with the cold approaching, they feel that they are being left with too little to survive.

The men’s group told us that stress has become part of their daily lives. Their inability to care for their families; where the man has to go get the bread and the wife has to go receive other items and there is no one left to care for their children. One couple recently got divorced because they could no longer handle the pressure of family life in this situation.

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